A full lineup for the middleweight Honda is ready for you from the German touring accessory maker.

The aftermarket German accessory maker has a full lineup of kits and accessories for the Honda XL750 Transalp. Touratech is going all-in with Honda’s middleweight adventure bike. 

Honda’s adventure-tourer is expected to be Big Red’s premier long-distance off-roader in the lineup under the Africa Twin. While the Transalp has a bunch of accessories from the dealer, these Touratech bits might just sway you over to the aftermarket. 

Equipped with Honda’s twin-cylinder 270-degree parallel twin, the Transalp is a jack of all trades when it comes to riding. Good for touring and long-distance, but also great for off-roading and dirt riding the parts that the German manufacturer is fielding seek to improve performance, and the capabilities of the bike. 

Starting off with the luggage options, Touratech fields a selection of aluminum pannier systems for long journeys. All the options from the ZEGA line of the brand including the Mundo, Pro, and Evo product lines are available for the Transalp along with a top case. The rack system is made out of stainless steel and the top box features a quick-release system while the rack features a luggage plate for lashing soft bags onto. 

Speaking of soft luggage, the Touratech Discovery2 soft luggage system fits the Honda Transalp perfectly and offers 50 liters of waterproof luggage volume plus two times 7.5 litres in the side bags. On top of that, there is also a tank bag that’s ready to be installed that comes in either seven or 10-liter sizes called the Touring Bag Midi. Finally, rear bags, pillion bags, the Rack Pack from the Extreme Edition, and the practical Ibarra handlebar bag round off the range of soft luggage.

Following the luggage, there are also protection bits that’ll make the Transalp ready to ride no matter where you go. The Expedition engine guards are designed to keep the bike from getting too roughed up on an off-road ride while the lower engine protectors keep the radiator and the lower crankcase as well. Defensa hand guards are also available for the Transalp, and these protection parts are backed by an aluminum bar that makes it strong and will serve as ample protection. 

Finally, Touratech has a bunch of suspension upgrades for the Transalp which include a front and rear setup for either travel or “Extreme” off-road use. Touratech’s suspension products include an E1 type shock for the rear, and also a Level2 PDS “Travel” series rear spring and damper combo that’ll improve the Transalp’s performance. A reviewer noticed that the rear needed improvement, so this might help alleviate some of the bounciness. For more intense off-roading, the Extreme shock absorber comes with more adjustability and ride height adjustment. 

Rounding out the suspension upgrades, Touratech also has a front Cartridge Kit Extreme that works in tandem with the Extreme rear suspension upgrade. The kit is designed through the rigors of rallying, and it is also available in special versions that can lower the Transalp’s ride height by up to 25 millimeters, or about an inch. 

As for the product list, here are all the bits that you can expect from Touratech: 

Touratech Parts for the Honda XL750 Transalp (selection)


Pannier rack, stainless steel

ZEGA Mundo pannier system 31/31 

ZEGA Pro pannier system 31/31 l

ZEGA Evo pannier system 31/31 l

ZEGA Topcase rack, stainless steel

Luggage plate

Fairing crash bar 

Expedition engine guard 

Hand protectors DEFENSA Expedition, silver / black, set

Hand protectors DEFENSA Expedition, black / black, set

Soft luggage system Touratech Discovery2

Tank bag Touring MIDI

Rear bag Touring

Tank bag Midi EXTREME Edition by Touratech Waterproof

Pillion bag EXTREME Edition by Touratech Waterproof

Rear bag+ EXTREME Edition by Touratech Waterproof

Rack Pack EXTREME Edition by Touratech Waterproof

Handlebar bag Ibarra Smart

Touratech Suspension shock absorber E1

Touratech shock absorber Travel, type Level2/PDS 

Touratech shock absorber Travel, type Level2/PDS, lowering 25 mm 

Touratech Suspension shock absorber Travel, type Extreme 

Touratech Suspension shock absorber Travel, type Extreme, lowering 25 mm 

Touratech Suspension Cartridge Kit Extreme 

Touratech Suspension Cartridge Kit Extreme, lowering 25 mm 

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