Durbanites are in for a treat as the Open Streets: Walnut Road event gears up to turn the city's CBD into a pedestrian paradise on December 10.

Following the success of the inaugural Open Streets: Florida Road, the city is committed to outdoing itself by creating a larger, more vibrant affair.

The Open Streets initiative is all about redefining public space by making streets accessible and safe for people to walk, cycle, and play, free from the constraints of vehicular traffic.

On this special day, a one-kilometre stretch of Walnut Road will be off-limits to cars, allowing a free flow of cultural expression and community interaction.

As the street sheds its vehicular skin, families are invited to step into a cultural mosaic, where a variety of activities await.

From a city cycle ride to a bike-share initiative, and from heritage tours to live music stages, Walnut Road will don a festive look that's both family-friendly and culturally rich.

Bethuel Manthoadi, Acting Head of the eThekwini Transport Authority, is championing this unique event.

He calls upon the public to partake in the festivities, emphasising the plethora of activities planned, including fashion shows, local markets, playground games, and public art installations, all of which are free.

“Visitors can look forward to a city cycle ride and walk/run, bike-share programme, local market, fashion, cultural and heritage tours, playground-style games, live music, food offerings, public art, and much more,” Manthoadi said.

“We have considered the positive feedback received about the pilot Open Streets on Florida Road, and we are working with various stakeholders to ensure that the event is another fun and memorable experience,” he said.

According to the city, the initiative is not just about entertainment; it's a civic movement geared towards promoting healthier, more sustainable urban living.

By integrating feedback from the successful pilot event on Florida Road, the city and its partners say they are dedicated to crafting an even more memorable Open Streets experience.

For those eager to join in the physical activities, registration for the cycle ride and fun walk/run is now open. Click here.

Participation is capped at 500 cyclists and 500 walkers/runners, with the first 200 registrants scoring a complimentary T-shirt.

The event promises to be a day where exercise, culture, and community spirit intersect, all set against the backdrop of Durban's dynamic cityscape.

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