Lester Kiewit speaks to international correspondent Adam Gilchrist.

  • The couple will start their 27 000km trip from the Magnetic North to the South Pole later this week

  • Their vehicle will generate electricity using solar and wind energy

The husband and wife team of Chris and Julie Ramsey are finalising preparations for their 27 000km trip, which will start at the Magnetic North Pole

The couple plans to make their way from the North Pole into Canada, then continue south through the United States, crossing the Isthmus of Panama which will take them into South America.

If all goes according to plan, the challenging ten-month journey will see them visit Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina.

... they've stuck a special wind and solar-powered battery on the roof so that they can absolutely recharge their battery through natural means.

Adam Gilchrist, International Correspondent

The most common question they get about the journey is how they will power the car since there are virtually no charging points along the way.

The car in question, a Nissan Ariya, is powered by a portable, renewable energy unit that uses a wind turbine and solar panels to generate electricity.

They will tow the generating unit behind the car.

But the most important gadget they have on board, in my opinion, is a coffee machine in the boot. You couldn't do that without a coffee machine, could you?

Adam Gilchrist, International Correspondent

The pole-to-pole trip isn't the first time the Ramseys defied the odds.

In 2017, they drove an electric car on a 16 000km journey from London to Mongolia.

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