The brand’s golden year was commemorated with golden hand guards!

Acerbis celebrated a major milestone this year. The brand held its 50th anniversary in the business of making quality off-road and on-road accessories and gear with a weekend of fun, and a limited-edition product. 

To kick off the festivities, Acerbis has planned a series of special events and unique ideas, the first of which took place at the fourth MXGP race in Arco di Trento and the 13th AMA Supercross race in Atlanta. Acerbis equipped its team's bikes with exclusive linear gold handguards, which were launched worldwide as a limited edition product that went on from April 17th, 2023. 

Often referred to as a golden anniversary, Acerbis’ golden year will be marked by golden handguards adorning the riders' bikes on the day of its anniversary. Some of the most talented riders in the sport, such as Romain Fevbre, Maxime Renaux, Jago Geerts, Thibault Benistant, Jason Anderson, and Ken Roczen, will proudly showcase these new gold components. Although the reigning champion, Tim Gajser, who led Acerbis to victory in MXGP last year, wasn’t present, there were plenty of other champions ready to don the coveted gold handguards.

The choice of Arco di Trento for this celebration was no coincidence. The MXGP World Championship's fourth round will be held at the Cyclamen circuit, adding an extra layer of excitement to the occasion. Simultaneously, the festivities also unfolded at the 13th round of the AMA Supercross in Atlanta, a move that helped ensure that the brand’s fans were also keen on the action that was unfolding. 

Acerbis actually extended an invitation to all enthusiasts to join the party. By purchasing a pair of Linear handguards in its special limited-edition anniversary colorway, which was—again— made available on April 17th, 2023, fans were given access to the event. The golden handguards served as a bit of a golden ticket per se. However, it's worth noting that only 300 of these special edition handguards were made available, and are definitely sold out by the time you’re seeing this. 

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