Porsche 911 GT3 Facelift Spied In Standard And Touring Flavors

Both are hiding changes at the rear.

12 wildest one-offs

Most Expensive Dodge Challenger Demon 170 Costs $133,421

Dodge begins taking orders on March 27.

Electric Motorcycle Firm Energica Is Expanding Operations In Asia Pacific

The company has confirmed its entry into Japan and Australia through partnerships with local distributors.

McLaren F1 boss plays down Baku GP upgrade package

McLaren Formula 1 team principal Andrea Stella has tempered expectations that the major upgrade package coming for the 2023 Azerbaijan Grand Prix will dramatically revive the team’s fortunes.

Insider Shares More On Tesla's Project Highland AKA Model 3 Refresh

The revamped Tesla Model 3 is said to bring notable styling and tech updates inside and out when it enters production in Q3 2023.

Renault Captur has arrived: It captures your attention and heart

The All-New Renault Captur presents a completely re-invigorated model version to its predecessor: The Captur model is as an easy-to-drive, multi-functional and -faceted crossover that balances design and practicality. Renault Captur: Details The popularity of Renault Captur has realised 1.5 million sales globally within more than 90 countries since its inception in 2013, with the […]

The greatest Ferraris we’ve ever tested

Here we list the most fantastic, engaging and mind boggling scarlet cars we've ever had to pleasure of testing

VW Passat Sedan Officially Dead In Europe As Next Gen Goes Wagon-Only

Deliveries of the Skoda-developed Passat will start in September.

Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Arrow, the last coupe with the historic V12

Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Badge Black Arrow celebrates the final end of British V12 coupes. A very limited edition of 12 examples of the already exclusive coupe Black Badge. It is designed, precisely, to celebrate the final farewell of the historic 12-cylinder from the hood of the British three-door, which will soon make way for a powertrain 100% electric that will debut with the innovative Spectre. The unique Bespoke finish of Black Arrow features a full color gradation between two shades: Celebration Silver and Black Diamond.

Ferrari holds off on 499P Hypercar IMSA programme decision

Ferrari has ruled out any decision on an expansion of its 499P Le Mans Hypercar programme into the IMSA SportsCar Championship in 2024 before the summer.

17 cracking twin-turbo classic cars

5 EV charging station stocks for long-term investors as the industry continues to rapidly evolve.

Many transportation experts see electric vehicles as the way of the future. One obstacle to widespread adoption is the lack of charging stations. In order for electric vehicles to become the new norm, there must be a infrastructure in place to support them. This means a significant investment in charging stations which many see as an opportunity. The demand for electric vehicles is expected to grow significantly in the coming years, and those...

Motorcycle History 101: How Herb Uhl Created The First Honda Trail Bike

Without one guy's smart Cub modifications, moto history might have been very different.

Goodbye zero-pods? Mercedes confirm ‘sidepod geometry’ an area of interest for new W14 concept

With Mercedes teasing a concept change for their W14, 'sidepod geometry' is an area of interest...

Mercedes explain why team orders were not used on George Russell in Jeddah

Mercedes saw no clear benefit to using team orders against George Russell during the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Ocon: Alpine "can't be satisfied" with current F1 pace

Alpine Formula 1 driver Esteban Ocon says his team "can't be satisfied" with its performance at the start of the 2023 season.

Will solid state batteries transform the EV industry? Here are the best companies to watch.

A key question for Electric Vehicle (EV) industry is whether solid state batteries will become the new norm. Solid state batteries are smaller, lighter, and could be more efficient than traditional lithium-ion batteries, and they have the potential to radically transform the EV market. Many major automakers are already investing heavily in solid state battery technology. For these reasons, investments in solid state battery technology could pay...

Watch A Mercedes-Benz EQG Prototype Break Down At The Nurburgring

A loud noise coming from underneath the car prompted the driver to pull over.

15 cool classic hot estate cars

23 of Ghia’s greatest hits

Milestone as vehicle-handling record celebrated at Durban Car Terminal

Transnet Port Terminals (TPT) celebrated a record on Wednesday as the Durban Car Terminal handled its 600 000th vehicle in a 12-month period.

Will Lidar remain centric in the future of autonomous driving? Learn about companies advancing Lidar technology.

Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) uses laser to render the world in 3D. It has been an essential element in making self-driving cars. Recently, Tesla announced that it would no longer use this technology in its cars and questioned its "smartness". It is yet to be determined whether this technology remains crucial for autonomous driving but for those betting in its favor, we've collected the companies advancing lidar technology. This list's...

Doohan having "fundamental issues" with Virtuosi F2 car in 2023

Alpine Academy driver Jack Doohan says he has had “fundamental issues” with his Virtuosi Racing Formula 2 car so far this season.

Ralf Schumacher expects ‘personal consequences’ at Mercedes thanks to poor W14

Ralf Schumacher expects heads could roll at Mercedes after the tech department got the W14 "wrong".

Rea Vaya commuters in Soweto left stranded due to internal squabbles between bus service providers

The dispute between the two parties has left taxi drivers smiling this morning, with one driver remarking that he had already taken three loads from Orlando East to town by 7.30am.

Malaysian Manufacturer Aveta Presents The VADV150 Hybrid Scooter

Apart from bearing an uncanny resemblance to the Honda ADV 150, this scooter packs some impressive tech.

Couple to drive electric car (with coffee machine) from North Pole to South Pole

A husband and wife from the Scottish port city of Aberdeen are preparing to drive an electric car from the Arctic to Antarctica.

Chinese Motorcycle Manufacturer Kove Sets Up Shop In Italy

Kove's motorcycles will be distributed exclusively by Pelpi International in Italy.

Fuel price decrease expected in April

The cost of fuel will decrease from the first week of April, which would be a much-needed reprieve for motorists and consumers.

Inflation reduction act puts charge in electric vehicle market! Here are the top EV stocks to watch.

Inflation reduction act passed the senate among raging debates about what it actually brings to the consumers and economy. Nevertheless, it will be good news for EV makers as it provides $7,500 tax credit for EVs beginning in 2023 for a decade! This will charge an already hot EV sector even more. With traditional automakers like Ford and General Motors entering the battle for the best EVs, picking the best EV stocks can be challenging. The...

Hyundai Ioniq 6 Will Charge For Free At Electrify America

The fast charging package includes two years of unlimited 30-minute complimentary charging sessions.

Hidden hydrogen might be the key to carbon-free fuel for future generations

Rivian Fixes 12V Battery Drain Issue Via OTA Software Update

The problem was initially described on Reddit and reportedly left some people stranded.

26 eye-catching ’70s concept cars

Ferrari’s Saudi Arabian GP branded a ‘complete disaster’ raising questions about Leclerc’s future

Sixth and seventh at a race where they "promised so much" must have Charles Leclerc pondering his Ferrari future.

German E-Bike Specialist Nicolai Updates GT1 Eboxx With New Gear Hub

The Nine 3x3 gear hub system brings a number of performance-focused benefits to the table.

Magazine: F1 Saudi Arabian GP review, MotoGP season preview

Sergio Perez’s superb Formula 1 victory in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix and Red Bull’s impressive pace leads this week’s Autosport magazine, out today (23 March).

Tesla's New Hardware 4 May Help Make Unprotected Turns Safer

Tesla has started releasing its new Hardware 4 suite of cameras, which offer improved "vision," clarity, and viewing angles.

2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV First Drive Review: Good, Bad, And Everything In Between

GMC’s electric Hummer SUV is every bit as lovable (and hateable) as its pickup sibling, though it’s arguably the better buy.

[LISTEN] Should citizens take infrastructure repairs into their own hands?

The state of our roads is dire in some parts of the country, with private entities beginning to take over the repair of potholes.

Volkswagen Group's Four Entry-Level EVs Will Be Made In Spain

Production starts in 2025 with the Cupra UrbanRebel, followed by the VW ID.2, ID.2X SUV, and Skoda SUV within one and a half years.

The safest cars on sale today

Join us as we count the cars that write cheques their strength can cash

Tesla Model Y Vs Honda CR-V Hybrid: True Cost Of Ownership Compared

The Tesla Model Y and Honda CR-V Hybrid may both have impressively low ownership costs, but one is a better deal than the other.

‘They said Fernando Alonso was too old, that he was not a team man… nonsense’

Fernando Alonso has "brought enthusiasm and ambitions never seen before" at Aston Martin...

Honda set to test Kalex MotoGP chassis prior to Americas GP

Honda is set to test a new chassis designed by Kalex prior to April’s Americas Grand Prix as it heads into the 2023 MotoGP season on the back foot.

Surprising cars that are related to each other

These separated-at-birth cars showcase how flexible modern technology has become

Autonomous Driving: Here are the top 5 stocks innovating the way we drive.

Autonomous driving has an immense potential to revolutionize transportation industries. The market size makes it very appealing for big auto and tech companies. With so much at stake, it's clear that autonomous driving is one of the most important technological advancements to watch in the coming years. Investors who believe in these advancements may look for opportunties within this space with the highest returns. Securities within this list...

UK set for massive rollout of EV chargers in net-zero push

Southern Britain is set for a major public rollout of electric-vehicle charging stations as officials seek to help consumers ditch combustion engines.

Rising Number Of Motorcycle Theft A Growing Concern In Italy

In 2022 alone, 31,138 motorcycles were stolen in Italy.